Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine

Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machines

Dipti Bandsaw is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high end Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine Our machines are used extensively in various parts of the world and are valued for their accuracy and precision. We work with the best manufacturing techniques and this has made it possible for us to deliver robust and stable metal cutting bandsaw machine products on a consistent basis. Using our Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine, you can work with a wide range of metallic components like stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, mild steel, copper and aluminum. Our machines can be used for cutting round bars, flats, squares, pipes, channels and angles, which makes them perfect for a broad range of projects.

We, at Dipti Bandsaw have always been a leading producer of metalworking machines that can help in cutting metals into perfect sizes and shapes according to the given dimensions. Since we are highly knowledgeable about making advanced metalworking machines, we have over the years established ourselves as a reliable and competent Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine in India. Our machines can be used for engineering, forging as well as for the making of automobiles. With our machines, you can always have the best results when you are looking to cut any kind of metal component. Some of the best features of our machines include corrosion resistance and consistency. They are also very easy to use and maintain. Moreover, they are also quite cost effective which means that you can make the best use of your resources.

Technical Specification
Model DI-175 S.A
Cutting Capicity Round Bar (mm) 175
Square (mm) 160 x 160
Blade Size (mm) 27 x 0.9 x 2515
Motor Power 1 HP/1440 RPM
Coolant Pump Power 0.15HP/2800 RPM
Blade Speed (Min) 42
Net Weight 210 Kg.
Overall Dimension 1150 x 500 x1400
    L         W       H